Accudraw Iop (2024)

1. Activating and Deactivating AccuDraw - Bentley - Product Documentation

  • To Deactivate AccuDraw · Do one of the following: · Select the Toggle AccuDraw tool ( Drawing > Home > Primary > More ). · or · With the focus in the AccuDraw ...


  • When AccuDraw is active, [Enter] will lock AccuDraw to the direction of movement. This “Smart Lock” guarantees that elements are drawn exactly along an axis. In ...

  • Activating AccuDraw To start AccuDraw use the Toggle AccuDraw button. This is found on Home > Primary > More: If AccuDraw is not already running, this will open the AccuDraw dialogue box. If it was already running, it will close it. Alternatively use the keyin: accudraw toggle or accudraw activate. To activate AccuDraw no matter […]


3. accudraw iop - Tecdud

4. [PDF] AccuDraw |

  • The simplest way to toggle AccuDraw on and off is to find the compass on the Primary Tools toolbox. This button acts as a toggle, so left click (data point) on ...

5. AccuDraw Settings Dialog, Operation Tab

  • For polar coordinates, the AccuDraw compass appears with an inner circle, and for rectangular coordinates it appears with an inner square. Always Show Compass ...

  • In rectangular mode only, Smart Key-ins cause AccuDraw to move the focus to either the x or the y field depending on pointer position.

6. [PDF] Civil AccuDraw, MicroStation AccuDraw, or Both?

  • Provides point input (e.g. coordinates, distance, direction, station, offset, etc.) to any MicroStation or Civil command or construction.

7. [PDF] OpenRoads Designer: Civil AccuDraw

  • AccuDraw and its drawing plane let you place elements away from the active depth. Often this improves productivity since you need not constantly change the ...

8. Working with AccuDraw - MicroStation

  • Pressing the Space bar changes the AccuDraw compass to its polar mode (indicated by a circular compass), which lets you enter an angle and a distance. Entering ...

  • AccuDraw is a drafting aid that evaluates such parameters as your current pointer location, the previously entered data point, the last coordinate directive, the current tool's needs, and any directive you have entered via shortcut key-ins or AccuDraw options. AccuDraw then generates the appropriate precision coordinates and applies them to the active tool.

Accudraw Iop (2024)
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