No Man's Sky support added to Nexus Mod Manager (2024)

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While it’s taken quite some time, we’re finally ready to release support for No Man’s Sky in our Nexus Mod Manager.

Due to the complex nature of modding NMS, we hired on the help of modder “ObsidianMinor” early on in the process and his understanding of the more complex nature of No Man’s Sky’s modding systems has helped immensely. Obsidian has been the real brains behind the effort and has done almost all the real grunt work in this implementation. Our thanks go out to Obsidian for his long hours of work trying to come up with the best way to support NMS mods within NMM.

Like all games we support within the Nexus Mod Manager, you can now download and install mods straight from Nexus Mods using a simple click of a button. Our NMS implementation will allow you to install packed mods (paks) as well as NMS extensions. You can also clear your shader cache, if you need to or a mod requires it, from within NMM. You can do this by clicking on the “tools” button at the top and the option should be there to “Clear shader cache”.

We’ve programmed in the ability to change your mod load order from within NMM itself. If two mods you’re using, _mod.A and _ mod.B, contain the same file then _mod.A will load first because it comes before B in the alphabet. This also works with numbers, so we put a number after the underscore so the game loads lower numbered games first.

All mods in NMM start with no position in load order. You can move your mods up and down the load order at any time by clicking on the green up and down arrows on the left side of the main manager window. If you move mods in the load order that are already installed, you apply the new load order by clicking the save icon under the green down arrow.

Finally, you can launch the game from within the Nexus Mod Manager, and if you have No Man’s Sky Extender installed, we even have options to run the game with NMSE enabled.

While NMM can do a lot of things, there’s a few things it cannot do.

We dabbled (for a long time) with trying to make the mod manager work with unpacked files as well as packed files. This was because when NMS modding first began, there was a bit of a divide in the mod author community about what the best method was for mods. It looks like packaging mods won out, and hardly any mods are now released unpacked. As such, NMM only supports packed mods. Unpacked mods will need to be packed again manually by the user before they will work in NMM.

Similarly, NMM will not do any unpacking or save management at this time.

We’re all very happy to finally get this build out to the general public and I hope that it comes of use to those of you who are looking for an easier way to manage your No Man’s Sky mods. Please remember that NMM is in perpetual beta at this time, and to report any bugs you find in our bug tracker.

You can download the latest version of NMM, with the NMS support included, from our download page.


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    1. erikboese

      • supporter
      • 0 kudos

        There are many promising mods that make this game the title it was rumored to be...with the exception of multiplayer. More mods will make this game something people will want to play.

          1. It was never meant to be multiplayer and that's why I love it.

          2. ignemfarem

            • supporter
            • 0 kudos

              I'm all for it. I've always thought NMS has got heaps of potential. Didn't really harbor much hatred for the game maybe because I didn't have high expectations of it (not the same way as I have for Star Citizen) But yea heaps of potential nonetheless. Salute to Nexus Mod to even think of doing this!

              • gymnophoria

                • member
                • 0 kudos

                  While I'm disappointed with NMS all the anger about it is extremely childish - it's just a game, ffs. Personally I'd like to thank the Nexus team for their hard work in creating a mod system. NMS's gameplay is severely hamstrung, but I believe a good modding community could do something to revive it in the long term.

                  I share everyone's frustrations, but the hate bandwagon is kinda pathetic.

                    1. H4RDC0R3V1B3Z

                      • member
                      • 8 kudos

                        Sure, it wasn't what everybody expected (I've never been so glad that I didn't pre-order or buy the game at release lol) but it still has masses of potential. If they stick to what is planned, it will be a bloody great game. Just have to wait, is all.

                      • Lilra

                        • member
                        • 0 kudos

                          A waste of time. This game is not worth any effort. Modifications will not help ...

                            1. momuse88

                              • premium
                              • 22 kudos

                                Trying to mod NMS is a waste of time, but complaining about it endlessly isn't? C'mon now...

                              • cardmaster

                                • premium
                                • 6 kudos

                                  Probably the least of the games that require NMM support.. Seeing how things are with Hello Games I doubt this was a time well spend.

                                  • wallacemre61

                                    • supporter
                                    • 1 kudos

                                      Tnx for the support nexus but to hell with this game......

                                      • maybenexttime

                                        • supporter
                                        • 67 kudos

                                          One man's lie

                                          • minngarm

                                            • supporter
                                            • 43 kudos

                                              Considering how hostile the community around this game is it may not be the best option.

                                                1. phantompally76

                                                  • member
                                                  • 51 kudos

                                                    Agreed. The fanbois in their community make the fanbois here seem like open-minded pragmatists.

                                                    I'm just not sure how much No Man's Sky is going to benefit from a bunch of waifu follower in skimpy armor mods.

                                                  • BlueAngelson

                                                    • member
                                                    • 0 kudos

                                                      Shame I got it for PS4. But still it's pretty much a dead horse now. Mods could maybe make it more star wars like. Moving npcs lol. No f-ed up looking monsters that don't make sense at all lol. Hopefully mods can save this thing.

                                                      • JimboUK

                                                        • premium
                                                        • 462 kudos

                                                          Maybe this will breathe some new life into it? the number of people playing at the moment is 690, that's terrible for a newer title that sold in the numbers it did.


                                                          No Man's Sky support added to Nexus Mod Manager (2024)
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