SimpliSafe Wireless Interference Detected [FIXED] (2024)

Do you see the “wireless interference detected” message on your SimpliSafe system and wonder what’s happening? You’re not alone, as this is a common issue not unique to your SimpliSafe system. In this guide, we’ll explain why your SimpliSafe system triggers this warning and how to fix it with ease.

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Meaning of SimpliSafe Wireless Interference Detected

The “SimpliSafe wireless interference detected” message means that your system has detected another wireless signal interfering with the communication of your SimpliSafe components.

This interference could stem from devices operating on a similar signal frequency, like microwaves, garage door openers, or radio setups. Understanding the SimpliSafe signal frequency is key to identifying potential conflicts.

Note:The wireless interference message can be seen on the mobile app too if you are on the Fast Protect plan. If you are on a self or standard monitoring plan, you will have toupgrade to the Fast Protect plan of SimpliSafeto enjoy this feature.

How to Fix SimpliSafe Wireless Interference Detected?

To fix the “Wireless Interference Detected” issue on your SimpliSafe system, we’ve compiled a list of practical solutions based on our experience. You should be able to solve the issue by implementing one or a few of these troubleshooting methods.

Check and Replace Batteries in Keypads and Sensors

Often, this simple step is the most effective one of all. If your SimpliSafe keypads or sensors have low battery levels, they might send poor-quality signals that the base station misinterprets as interference. Replacing these batteries can quickly resolve the issue.

You can check the battery level on the keypad as well as in the SimpliSafe app. Additionally, note that the battery in a SimpliSafe keypad typically lasts for about one year, and for sensors, it’s around five years. Therefore, if the batteries are nearing the end of their lifespan, this is definitely a method you should try.

Read our guide on “How to Turn On the SimpliSafe Keypad After Changing Batteries” if you find issues with turning on the system after battery change.

Relocate the Base Station

If you’re still facing problems, try moving your base station to a different place in your home. Find a location away from large metal objects, other electronic devices, and potential sources of interference.

Wi-fi routers, smartphones, microwave ovens, wireless speakers, and headphones can emit signals that interfere with the SimpliSafe system.

SimpliSafe systems typically operate on the 433.92 MHz frequency, which is different from the common 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies used by many household devices like Wi-Fi routers.

Although SimpliSafe operates on a different frequency, it can still experience interference if nearby devices emit strong radio signals. So, we recommend you keep your system in a place where you think there are little to no interruptions from such devices.

Arm and Disarm the System

This is a straightforward method. Simply arm your system (in HOME or AWAY mode) and then disarm it after about 30 seconds. This action tends to help clear the interference error in a jiffy. You can use the app to arm and disarm the system.

Turn Off Other Devices

If you find it difficult to move your base station, it might help to turn off other electronic devices in your home, like remote controls, tablets, or even weather stations to see whether it fixes the issue.

These gadgets too can sometimes cause interference with your security system.

Reset the System

If the above steps don’t work, try restarting your base station. Remove the batteries, wait a bit, and then put them back in. This reset can sometimes clear up communication issues.

Resetting is something we try on for almost all devices; so why not SimpliSafe?

Check for New Additions to the Household

Think about any new electronic devices you’ve recently brought into your home. New gadgets could be the unexpected culprits behind interference issues. Did you introduce a wireless weather sensor to your home and install it near the SimpliSafe system? Or a new Mesh Wi-Fi system?

This can directly lead to triggering “wireless interference detected” on your SimpliSafe system.

If you’ve tried all these steps and the problem persists, it’s time to get in touch with SimpliSafe’s customer support. They can provide additional guidance and, if needed, professional assistance.


What Signal Frequency Do SimpliSafe systems use?

SimpliSafe’s home security systems typically operate on the 433.92 MHz frequency. This specific frequency is chosen for reliable communication between the system’s various components, like sensors and the base station.

Can other Security Systems in My Home Interfere with SimpliSafe?

Yes, other security systems, particularly those using wireless components, can potentially cause interference if they operate on similar frequencies or are in close proximity to your SimpliSafe system.

Can Materials in My Home Cause Interference with SimpliSafe?

Yes, certain materials can cause interference including metal structures, thick concrete walls, and certain types of glass. These materials can obstruct or weaken the wireless signals between your SimpliSafe components.

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SimpliSafe Wireless Interference Detected [FIXED] (2024)
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