What is the largest mutual fund in the world? (2024)

What is the largest mutual fund in the world?

As of September 2023, the Vanguard Group was the world's largest mutual fund company, with around 6.1 trillion U.S. dollars of mutual fund assets under management (AUM). Rounding out the top three were BlackRock inc with 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars of AUM, and Fidelity Investments with 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars of AUM.

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What is currently the largest mutual fund in the world?

As of September 2023, the Vanguard Group was the world's largest mutual fund company, with around 6.1 trillion U.S. dollars of mutual fund assets under management (AUM). Rounding out the top three were BlackRock inc with 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars of AUM, and Fidelity Investments with 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars of AUM.

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Who is bigger Vanguard or BlackRock?

Vanguard is the world's second-largest investment company or brokerage firm, offering a range of active and passive options, as well as a competitive fee structure and other attractive selling points. BlackRock, Inc. is the world's largest investment firm and asset manager.

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What are the three largest mutual funds?

Top 25 Mutual Funds
RankSymbolFund Name
1VSMPXVanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund;Institutional Plus
2FXAIXFidelity 500 Index Fund
3VFIAXVanguard 500 Index Fund;Admiral
4VTSAXVanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund;Admiral
21 more rows

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Who is bigger BlackRock or Fidelity?

BlackRock Funds top the list in terms of assets held by a single fund family, followed by other familiar names such as Vanguard, Charles Schwab, State Street Global Advisors, and Fidelity Investments.

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What is bigger than BlackRock?

Some of these larger companies include: Vanguard Group: A prominent investment management company with a wide range of funds and ETFs. State Street Global Advisors (SSGA): A major asset management firm and one of the largest ETF providers.

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Which is the rank 1 mutual fund?

Top Mutual Fund Houses in India
S.No.Mutual Fund House
1.SBI Mutual Fund
2.ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
3.HDFC Mutual Fund
4.Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
6 more rows
Feb 15, 2024

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Who is BlackRock owned by?

BlackRock is publicly owned, with its shares held by various shareholders, including institutional investors like Vanguard Group and State Street Corporation and individual shareholders. The specifics of these shareholders can change over time.

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Who is the real owner of BlackRock?

Larry Fink is the founder, CEO and chairman of powerhouse investment management firm BlackRock, one of the world's largest asset managers. He and seven partners founded BlackRock in 1988. Originally it was part of The Blackstone Group.

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Will Vanguard overtake BlackRock?

"It seems likely" that Vanguard may overtake BlackRock in the U.S. ETF industry for the most assets, based on flow data over the past few years, said Ullal. In his view, that could happen as soon as this year or in 2025.

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Does BlackRock own Fidelity?

2024-01-24 - BlackRock Inc. has filed an SC 13G/A form with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosing ownership of 57,152,207 shares of Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (US:FIS). This represents 9.6 percent ownership of the company.

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Who owns Vanguard?

Vanguard set out in 1975 under a radical ownership structure that remains unique in the asset management industry. Our company is owned by its member funds, which in turn are owned by fund shareholders.

What is the largest mutual fund in the world? (2024)
Is it better to invest in BlackRock or Vanguard?

BlackRock offers a more diverse range of investment strategies, including both passive and active management, whereas Vanguard predominantly emphasizes its passive investment approach.

What does BlackRock own in the world?

As expected, BlackRock's top equity holdings include America's most established tech companies: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. BlackRock also has large positions in Nvidia and Broadcom, which happen to be America's two largest semiconductor companies.

Which company is more powerful than BlackRock?

He described BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard as "the most powerful cartel in human history". The 'Big Three' investment firms hold significant shareholder rights in most S&P 500 companies, according to him.

Who owns most of Fidelity?

The Boston-based Johnson family owns 49% of mutual fund company Fidelity. The other 51% is owned by employees. Abigail Johnson is the third generation of the family to run the company. She took over from her father Edward "Ned" Johnson III in 2014.

Who is the biggest owner of BlackRock?

Laurence D.

Fink is the CEO and co-founder of BlackRock. Along with seven colleagues, he started the company. As of 31 January 2023, he owned 520,126 making him the biggest individual shareholder.

Does BlackRock own trillions?

BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment company. It is the world's largest asset manager, with $9.42 trillion in assets as of June 30, 2023. Headquartered in New York City, Blackrock has 70 offices in 30 countries, and clients in 100 countries.

What is the most powerful investment company in the world?


BlackRock (BLK) is the largest investment firm in the world. It manages $8.6 trillion in assets as of Dec.

What is the safest mutual fund?

BlackRock Exchange Portfolio (STSEX)

Easily one of the top-rated examples of the safest mutual funds, the BlackRock Exchange Portfolio (MUTF:STSEX) seeks long-term growth of capital and consequent long-term growth of income, per its prospectus.

Which is the most safest mutual fund?

10 Best Low Risk Mutual Funds
Fund Name1 Year ReturnsFund Size (in Cr)
Edelweiss Arbitrage Fund7.9%₹6,984
Bank of India Overnight Fund6.6%₹93
Mirae Asset Overnight Fund6.6%₹1,253
Axis Overnight Fund6.6%₹7,148
6 more rows
Jan 24, 2024

Which mutual fund is best of all time?

  • Navi Flexi Cap Fund Direct Growth. ...
  • Kotak Flexicap Fund Direct Growth. ...
  • Samco Flexi Cap Fund Direct Growth. ...
  • Sundaram Flexi Cap Fund Direct Growth. ...
  • Bandhan Flexi Cap Fund-Direct Plan-Growth. ...
  • Canara Robeco Flexi Cap Fund Direct Plan Growth Option. ...
  • SBI Flexicap Fund Direct Growth. ...
  • Axis Flexi Cap Fund Direct Growth.

Why is BlackRock so powerful?

BlackRock has grown from a start-up to a market leader by attracting clients and employees, and by acquiring several other asset management companies. BlackRock's mission is to create a better financial future for our clients, by building the most respected investment and risk manager in the world.

How BlackRock controls the world?

BlackRock Inc. is a colossal force in the world of finance, with a history dating back to 1988 when it was founded by Larry Fink and several other financial experts. Over the decades, it has grown to become the world's largest asset manager, overseeing a staggering $9.42 trillion in assets as of June 2023.

How much does the CEO of BlackRock make?

BlackRock Inc. reduced Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink's total compensation to $25.2 million for 2022, a 30% decline from the previous year, according to a regulatory filing.

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